Works in Progress

 The Unicorn’s Heart

Mae has one chance to make her grandfather proud, by winning the great race and taking the dragon crown for herself.  Except a deadly prank lands in a human body and at the mercy of a unicorn herd for help.

Idris wants to do right by his herd but the idea of an arranged marriage raises his hackles.  When Mae stumbles into his life, its the perfect excuse to have one last adventure as he gets her back to her people.

Except there are larger forces at play and Idris is cursed to a human form too and now the only hope of a cure is hidden in a dragon cave only the king can grant entrance.  So together Mae and Idris must win a crown while coming to grips with the fact that a dragon and a unicorn aren’t that different after all.

The Unicorn’s Heart is currently being written, stands at about 22k words, and will be a fantasy romance novel.

Deceiving the Bandit Lord

Having survived on lies and schemes only to land himself a barony and a title, Brogan knew his past would catch up to him; only he didn’t realize it would come in the guise of the woman of his dreams bent on destroying his very existence.

Currently in Editing.




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