A princess impostor, a wolf in disguise, and a magic long forgotten…

Tired of conning nobles out of their gold, Kiera decides to give up her life of crime and return to her childhood home of Cearbhall to marry the crown prince. Except now the king’s gone senile, his heir has gone missing, and his younger sons rule with terror. Kiera plots her escape, but she’s discovered and thrown into the dungeon with a crazed wolfborn to die.

Lachlan never thought he’d see his childhood sweetheart once his wolfborn affliction set in. Imprisoned in the dungeon since adolescence, he’s watched his brothers usurp the throne and trail pure evil in their wake. When Kiera lands in the dungeon with him, he recovers his will to fight and vows to save her from his brothers and their schemes.

As Kiera and Lachlan battle the evil princes, they uncover a greater magic in the world around them, and a powerful magic between them that can’t be denied…

Stealing the Wolf Prince is a fantasy romance novel and the first in the Wylderland Chronicles.




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