New Release! Deceiving the Bandit Lord

An unwanted betrothal, a baron of ill repute, one chance to change their fate…

Aisling played the dutiful daughter and ended up with a despicable fiancé. With no choices, she must destroy her reputation, and the lord of Armanta fits her needs. Common born, near penniless, questionable character, and a remote estate where she could keep her secrets, he would be perfect for putting an end to her arranged marriage.


Brogan’s hard-won estate came with many challenges, the least of which was an unplanned royal guest in the dead of winter. In his old life, he’d not hesitate to bed the wayward beauty, but the Lady Aisling deserves more than a rogue in lord’s clothing. Compounded by unwanted magic lessons and a manor with its own mysteries, he is drawn to Aisling as more than a passing acquaintance.


As Brogan and Aisling find a blissful peace, his sordid past is bound to catch up as a powerful rival emerges from the shadows and demands his dues… From them both.


Deceiving the Bandit Lord is a fantasy romance novel with exotic elves, reluctant werewolves, and forbidden magic. Book 2 in the Wylderlands Chronicles.


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