Diary of a Gamer

Part of the retooling of the blog is to talk about more of how I spend my time (minus the boring stuff).  Every other Saturday, friends come over and we play a table top Role Playing Game or RPG.  Right now, we are playing Pathfinder.

In the current campaign, I’m playing a half Orc barbarian named Oogla Skullcrusher.  I normally play a spell caster of sorts and stay in the back summoning fireballs so she’s a little out of the norm for me.  She’s resurrected from an old character I played years ago in a Dungeons and Dragon campaign.  I’m hoping I’ll have better luck this time since she died in the last game when the damn cleric cast bull strength on her when fighting a dragon but she only had 1 hit point left.  Extra strength is no good if you’re dead.  We don’t game with that guy anymore…

It occurred to me I could turn our gaming sessions into a story.  I could write the story of Oogla as she navigates a custom built world and you could follow along by reading my blog posts.  I know LitRPG is a thing but I’m not certain I’d be doing it to try to get into that market.  It’d just be for fun and probably not romance.

So you tell me, would you want a bi-weekly chapter of Oogla’s adventures?  Most of the time the table talk gets us way off topic and we don’t get a lot accomplished.  This past week we digressed to talk about the 5K run that got shut down due to handing out margaritas without a liquor license.  It may also have odd pacing due to the open world concept the game master built in.  Oogla could slay dragons or open a flower shop, who’s to say.

But let me know, do you want to know the story of Oogla?


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