So, I’ve missed a few months of updates.  Oops.  I’ve been busy with school and personal issues.  So much so that I have made some changes to my schedule to accommodate all the fun adulting I have to do now.

The Unicorn’s Heart is going on hiatus for the time being.  I’m in a place where drafting is too much.  Drafting is heavily creative work and I just can’t focus on the world building or character building that’s required.  I left it at about 30 thousand words which is novella length but I have a lot left to do with Idris and Mae so when I return to it and complete the story it will be a novel.

For now, I’m switching to editing Deceiving the Bandit Lord, book 2 in my Wylderlands Chronicles.  The world and characters are set, the draft is written, I just need to clean it up and add about 10 thousand more words.  Ha ha.  I say that like it’s easy…  But I think it’s doable.  More so than writing a rough draft.  Hopefully next update I’ll be able to show the cover and report that I’ve sent the book off to my editor.

Wish me luck!