I’ve got a new release!  Well, it’s actually been out for a bit but I kinda, sorta, forgot to mention it on my blog.  I’M SORRY.  I’ve been a bit busy but here it is!

The Love Through Heartache anthology brings you 8 new fantasy romance stories from awarding winning and best selling authors.  My contribution to the collection is called Cost of a Kiss.

Desperate to make a good impression on her betrothed, Orla sneaked into the crazy wizard’s garden for an orchid. Mistaking an elf for a fellow trespasser, she befriends the wizard’s apprentice Lonan. Drawn together as friends, Orla and Lonan discover their worlds aren’t as perfect as they’re led to believe. When their friendship develops intolerant more, what will be the cost of a kiss?

This is a limited time release, the collection will come down soon, so if you want to read my story and 7 other fabulous author’s stories, pick up the anthology for 99 pennies while it’s available!