January Round Up!

I mentioned in my previous blog post that I was probably going to do a monthly update of my progress and today is the first update!   

I set a goal to write 300 words a day for this entire year and I’m proud to say that I have made it my first month!  I’ve also set a goal to write 10k this month and after I write today, I’ll have hit that mark!

The Unicorn’s Heart is coming alone well.  The project is total 22,600 words long, that’s almost a novella length and I have so much more planned.  Mae and Idris have met, don’t like each other, both got cursed and now they have to work together to break the curse by competing in a race against dragons for a crown.

I may just aim for 10k again in February but I’ll have to up my game since it’s a short month.  We’ll see.  So far so good!

Are you writing?  Did you make your goals?  Share your tips for getting a large project done one small part at a time!



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