Happy New Year!

It’s a new year and time to set some goals!  I don’t do resolutions exactly, but things I want to accomplish in the year 2018.  Let’s see what those are!

So we have a little bit of roll over from last year and because I’m going back to college I’m not going to be as ambitious as I was last year.  So here it is!

  • Deceiving the Bandit Lord:  This is going to happen in 2018.  It is, it is, it is!  It needs another round of self edits then I can engage my super awesome editor to make it more super awesome.  I’ve already got the cover so unless something goes horribly awry, this will happen this year.
  • The Unicorn’s Heart:  I’m currently writing this one and I’ll get the rough draft done this year.  Then I’ll get DtBL (see above) done and return to this for edits and release sometime in 2018.  I’m using scrivener and a loose outlining method which appears to be working well.
  • STRETCH GOAL:  If I manage to get the two above items done, I will be finishing a novel/novella under my other pen name.  I told you I have another pen name right?  Lothar’s Stratagem written by Libby Sinclair (that’s me!) is partially written.  I need to edit what I’ve written, apply my loose plotting method and get this book done.  But only after I’ve gotten the first two items done.  If I don’t get this one done, it’s a goal for 2019.

And that’s it!  As I said, a lot of my time is being used for class work but when I graduate, I hope to use what I’ve learned on my author business and rock out more stories in the coming years.  I’m also going to set a relaxed schedule for blogging, perhaps once a month, to free up time.

What about you?  What are your goals for 2018?  Scroll down and let me know by leaving a comment!


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