Prepped for #NaNoWriMo

Or as prepared as I can be.  I’ve got a lot going on this year so I’m sorta playing by my own rules.

This year I will be writing a fantasy romance between a dragon stuck shifted into a human form and a unicorn who shifts to human form to help her.  Someone pointed out that although I love unicorns, I haven’t written about them at all.  So this will be my first attempt.

I’m going to be testing out two new things this November, a bullet journal plotting method I’m creating and dictation.  I’ll go over more of the plotting method later but I’ve got character descriptions, histories, maps, and the rest of the journal for story beats.  Dictation I’ve toyed with before but it was sort of bumpy but I’ll push through.  Otherwise I’ll never get good at it.

I’ll be sneaking in writing sessions on breaks at work and between studying and other various adulting.  I’m not going to aim for 50k words like a traditional NaNoWriMo month.  I’m going to aim for a completed story and writing everyday.  It could be a novella or an epic length novel, I’ll take either.  I’m sure you’d rather have a well crafted novella than an over written boring novel.

Below is the full size cover, what do you think?  Give the post a like so I know you’re out there.


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