Quarterly Check-In

Another quarter has passed, lets see how productive I was!

Uh, not very productive at all.  I did the color run in July…  I got passed over for a promotion at work in August.  Applied to go back to school in September (more on this later) and wrapped up another project for another pen name (also more on this later).  So straight to the list, I guess.

  1. Deceiving the Bandit Lord:  No new progress.  However I have reached out to my publisher to ask for ebook rights back on Stealing the Wolf Prince, book 1.  Once my contract has reached its end in January 2018, I’ll be republishing the first book myself and hopefully that will get me motivated to finish this book.  Also, Ishabelle Torry needs to finish her beta read.  She’s all #TeamBrogan and wanted to give feedback.
  2. Winter’s Bride:  No new progress.  In fact, I will be swapping this novel out for The Unicorn’s Heart and I will be dictating that in November as part of NaNoWriMo.  I’ve got my bullet journal plot set up, I just need to do it now.  Waiting for November first.
  3. Love Through Heartache Anthology;  Cost of a Kiss:  Done.  This should release sometime next month.  I don’t believe it will be on any retailers, it’s an email exclusive.  Watch for more on this in later blog posts.
  4. Haunting the Noble Hunter:   Not going to happen this year.  Sorry.  Hopefully you’ll see this next year.

Sorry for the bummer of an update.  It’s been two months since I updated too.  If you read these things, if I’m not talking to dead air, leave a comment by scrolling down.  I don’t see the point in blogging if no one is reading and I don’t know if you’re reading unless you comment.


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