Quarterly Check-In

What have I accomplished in the second quarter of 2017?  Good question.  Survey says:

Not much.  At least, it feels that way.  In May, I took an online class called Write Better Faster and although eye opening, it confirmed I don’t have a lot of time to work with.  I tried dictation and had a bumpy start so I need to buckle down and give it a real try.  I’ll also try to add a trip to the library once a week to write or edit in peace.  But lets check on those goals!

  1. Deceiving the Bandit Lord:  No new progress.  Still with beta readers.
  2. Winter’s Bride:  No new progress however I will be using this novel as a guinea pig and attempt to bullet journal the writing process.  My idea is to generate my series bible while I write the book so when I try a sequel (TBD), all my information is in one spot and easy to find and navigate.  What’s a bullet journal?  Check out my blog post here.
  3. Love Through Heartache Anthology;  Cost of a Kiss:  I’m almost done with this.  I had to delete the last 2k words I wrote because it was boring and made no sense.  If I the author find it boring and nonsense, you the reader will feel that way too.  So big old delete and now there’s a wizards duel and it’s going well.  Deadline is fast approaching so I have to get this done soon.  Read chapter 1 here.
  4. Haunting the Noble Hunter:   Not started.  I wont be able to start until DtBL is done because I need the details finalized in book 2 before I can start book 3.

Call me an optimist but I think I can still make it.  With what I’ve learned about my brain type and new tools to help me stay on task, I think I can get these done or really close by the end of 2017.

Did you set goals this year?  How are you doing?   Leave a comment (you have to scroll way down to find the text field) and let me know!!


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