Quarterly Check-In

It’s been over three months since I set my goals for 2017 so I thought I’d give you an update on progress.

  1. Deceiving the Bandit Lord:  This is with my beta readers!  They are scouring the manuscript for plot holes, character inconsistency, and other assorted problems.  Editing this up took much longer than I thought it would.
  2. Infatuated:  This is getting moved to next year…  I sort of bought a pre-made cover I fell in love with and I’ve got designs to write my first fairy tale retelling.  So I’m swapping this out for Winter’s Bride.  If I have time at the end of the year, I’ll add this back but honestly the Chaos Factor series doesn’t get a lot of interest so I’d rather write things people want to read.
  3. Love Through Heartache:  I’ve got three chapters written so far, and that was to meet a deadline set by the anthology organizer.  I have a tentative title for my entry, the Cost of a Kiss. 
  4. Haunting the Noble Hunter:   Not started.  I probably wont get to this until the last quarter of the year when everything else is done or close to done.

Other things that will affect my writing are…  I signed up for a class!  I’m taking my first writing class (outside of college) in May and its designed to help you utilize brain science to identify the best way for you to write better and faster.

Also… Dictation!  I’m going to try dictation since most people can speak faster than they type.  And I have a desk job and use a computer all day so I want to spare my hands any trauma from all the typing.  I bought the software this past week and I’m looking into a new laptop so I have all the tools I need to keep writing.

Did you make goals for 2017?  How are you doing?


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