Off the Hook: Pumpkin Hat

Off the Hook

So like normal people, I have several hobbies.  If you receive my newsletter, you know that I knit and crochet.  

I learned crochet first from my grandmother as a kid and relearned as an adult.  Now I make things for loves ones.  The pumpkin hat is a favorite of mine.  I love to make it for the kiddos in my life because it’s so stinking cute.  Both my kids have one and now my friends kids are getting them.  Great for pumpkin picking and any fall activity and with the unseasonably cold weather here, it’s feeling pretty autumnal now.

You can find the pattern here for free.  It’s fairly simple and I’d recommend it as a beginner pattern.  It’s easily modified to accommodate various size noggins.  I always use a machine wash and dry acrylic, cause honestly if you make hand wash garments for kids you are just punishing the parents.


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