10 Sites I Use as an Author

Sites for Authors

As part of my Writer’s Life series, I thought I’d share links that I use either during the writing process or when I’m editing or searching for services.  There are in no particular order.

  • Behind the Name:  This is normally where I start my writing process.  I develop the characters by selecting a name, creating a little back story, and plotting out how to throw my hero and heroine together.  Sometimes their names are obvious, sometimes I have to find a name with just the right meaning.
  • Merriam Websters:  A standard tool of the trade, the dictionary/thesaurus is where I go when I know what word I want but I can’t recall it.  Or I’m remembering something similar but has a different meaning.  (Ooops)  It’s better to question yourself and look it up then look silly once something’s published.
  • Google:  This may also seem obvious but Google is my search engine of choice.  When ever I can’t think of a blog topic or how to make gun powder to blow up a castle, this is where I turn.  And that was a Stealing the Wolf Prince reference for anyone paying attention.
  • Wikipedia:  A publicly updated encyclopedia, Wikipedia is a great resource for just about everything.  History, mythology, herbology, alchemy…  Just about everything.  Do fact check though, as anyone can edit the articles and some make up stuff just to be poops.
  • Pinterest:  Sometimes I need a visual aid for description or to drop kick my muse into working.  I create inspiration boards for my stories to keep my mind in the right frame of mind.  Oodles and oodles of images so be careful not to get sucked in!
  • EditedDeposit Photos: Every author needs stock photos now and then for covers or advertisements and I used to use Dollar Photo Club, but now they were sold to Adobe.  So the next best deal is to wait for the deals from AppSumo for photos from Deposit Photos.  Unless you enjoy scouring the interwebs for free images but it takes too much time for me.  I’ve got writing to do!
  • Pro Writing Aid:  Every writer needs a second set of eyes and if you don’t have an editor easily available on a whim, Pro Writing Aid is an awesome substitute.  It can spot passive voice, repeat word usage, plus grammar and spelling errors too!  I run my work through their free tool before I send it to a publisher or editor.
  • Query Tracker:  Unless you are meticulous with your record keeping or only submit to one place at a time, you will find Query Tracker very helpful.  It’s a database of publishing houses and agents and how they accept submissions.  It tracks where you sent inquiries, manuscripts, the responses, and other helpful data.
  • Preditors & Editors:  Pred-Ed is a great watch dog group with the writer’s best interest in mind.  They list publisher and agents (and many other things) and verified experiences based on customer interaction.
  • Absolute Write:  A massive forum for people to discuss the industry.  There are threads for publishers, agents, editors, etc.  Just keep in mind anyone can say almost anything they like and thus could be a liar pants with a chip on their shoulder.

Those are my go-to sites.  Learn anything new?  Have a link you’d like to share?  Give me a like and comment, I’d love to hear from you!


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