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A lot of people have this over glamorized image of a writer’s life.  Since releasing Stealing the Wolf Prince, I get a lot of questions such as “have you sold a lot of books?” or “when are you going to quit your job?”  Uh, since when is this anyone’s business?  I have no idea how well my book is selling and I happen to like my day job.

But it made me think about how no one, not even me before I started this journey, knows what an author DOES.  (Beside write because that’s a big duh.)  So I thought to do a series of posts that might help the general population understand that an authors life isn’t royalty checks and coffee breaks.

So behold my office, which is cohabited by the hubster, but it’s mostly mine.  Note the knitting and writing project hard copies on the left, the random post-it reminders all over, and pictures of people I love.  This is where the magic happens.  Some of you might be thinking, that looks like any old ordinary office and you’d be right but its where I write so that makes it special.

Do you spy anything here that you find odd?  Learn something new about me that we might have in common?  Leave a comment below and give the post a big ol’ like.  I’m off to edit Deceiving the Bandit Lord and write myself some more post-its.


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Woman, wife, mother, writer, knitter and sarcasm aficionado.

6 thoughts on “The Writing Zone

    1. It’s clean b/c I knew I was taking this picture! 😉 But if there is too much clutter I can’t focus so it stays tidy most of the time. My gnomes move about the office depending on the season. I have some in the window on the left too. ❤

    1. I normally have several projects going at the same time… The yellow you see is a kindle cover I’m knitting for a fan who won it in one of my FB parties. I’m also knitting some earrings with silver wire and wondering why I do this to myself. I crochet as well and I have a blanket for my youngest in process. I need to buy more yarn for that one. (Oh noes! 😉 😉 😉 )

    1. Those are actually my husband’s although I have played. All the Sims games are mine and I play when I can, which isn’t often. I might have hand in my gamer geek card…

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