Progress & Some Whining

Just being honest.

Deceiving the Bandit Lord is in editing!

That’s the progress portion of this post.  To the left is the mock cover I used in 2012 when I wrote the book in the NaNoWriMo.  I’ve read through my draft in hard copy, made notes, I have a plan of attack.  So I’ll be diving into content edits soonish.  Etopia Press would like to see the first 50 pages as soon as I can swing it.  I’d really like to get this whipped together for a summer release.

Now to the whining portion of the post, I’ve got an upper respiratory infection that ruined my plans to start the aforementioned editing this weekend.  I was sequestered to the sofa where my children took turns cuddling me and poking my innards with their elbows and knees.  My attempted nap was foiled by the Chinese New Year celebration across the street.  They have a lovely lion dance and set off fire crackers, this is nothing new to me but hard to sleep through.  So it’s homemade Indian food for me tonight and movies with my hubby.  Good night.


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