Help Me Choose!

MusicYou like music, right?

I’m trying to select some background music for a book trailer for Stealing the Wolf Prince, my fantasy romance with Irish influence.  I’ve narrowed it down to two royalty free tracks and now I need help deciding which to use.  Clicks on the link to listen!

1)  Moorland – This has Uilleann pipes, which I love, and percussion.  Its very dark and somber, slight build through the piece but nothing climactic.  The feel is right but I fear it’s too somber for a romance novel trailer.

2)  The Pyre – This has cellos, mandolins (love!), percussion, and violins in the second half. The strings keep the Irish tone but the overall affect is medieval. I feel this has a more positive feel than Moorland but doesn’t have the mystery so much.

Both are good but I’ll only get a small 30 to 45 second chunk of music for my trailer.  Which would you more associate with a fantasy romance?  Stealing the Wolf Prince was described as a fairy tale by my editor so there is a mystical property to the novel as well.

Let me know in the comments!


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