A Little Check in From Moi!

Old Book

Stealing the Wolf Prince is closer to publication!

Content edits are completed on Stealing the Wolf Prince!  My time with my awesome content editor is over and now I am back to waiting.  Hopefully a copy editor will be emailing me soon so I can start that adventure.

I learned a lot about the editing process so far and I plan on applying what I’ve learned to book two.  Deceiving the Bandit Lord is printed out and I’m ready with my notebook and colored pens!  It shouldn’t take me long to get it cleaned up now that I am more familiar with the process.

Also, with this weekend being a holiday weekend, I plan on working on another short story.  A companion story called Requited.  Find out what Axel thought through the adventure of rescuing Kali.  It’s been fun to write so it should be super fun to read.




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