Review: Dream Knight

dream knight

Dream Knight by Denise Lynn

Dreams of a powerful, black-armored knight resolve into sweet salvation for the captive lady of Brezden Keep—and true love. 


Such was the warning of Lady Catheryn’s husband-to-be, the powerful warrior who dispatched her dishonorable guardian, unknowingly answering both her prayers and nocturnal visions. And he seemed right. His past was too bleak, his nature too violent. But Baron Gerard also promised to never beat her, to be kind, to care for Brezden Keep and her people, and the spark in his eye was not kindled by bloodlust alone. His strong hands could be gentle and build fires in her. So perhaps the witch and her magic sachet had the right of it. Perhaps Gerard of Reveur was not only a protector but a better husband and a truer love than either of their tortured souls could ever imagine. 

Dream Knight is the first medieval romance that I’ve read and I thought it was pretty good.  The premise is really neat and the characters likable, the villain detestable.  The narrative was a little long winded at times but I think that has to do with the medieval aspect of the story.  Language was different hundreds of years ago, people just spoke differently.  It wasn’t distracting but I caught myself trying to scan ahead to see what was going on.  😉  I’m so used to the concise verbiage of contemporary romances that I almost missed the lovely prose.  I did catch a few typos which is always irksome to me.  Overall a solid story and a good read for anyone who loves knights in shining armor and damsels in distress.


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