Year End 2013

Year end is always busy for me with family visits and the holidays.  It’s a good sort of busy but it does make me wonder where all my free time went.  I always have plans for my time off and find that nothing gets done.

I think that PitchMAS went well this year.  My pitch was generally well received and I have a couple editors now looking at the first three chapters of my novel.  I’m back to waiting.

I’m working on organizing my stories.  I’ve been writing for a while and I have lots of ideas, outlines, and story starts.  Some I have in hard copy in a ring binder in my office, some are scattered over the folders on my computer, and some are saved on a few peer review websites I don’t frequent much.  So I am using Google Docs and getting all my work into one location.  I’m going to talk to an IT friend of mine about doing a true back up.  This has been a long time coming and I’m so glad  I haven’t had a tragic file loss yet.  *Knock on wood*

My WordPress class is coming along well!  I was a little worried at the beginning that it wasn’t going to be anything new since I’ve used WordPress for years but I’m learning quite a few tricks and it’s filling in a lot of blanks.  I’m good at figuring out tech but I don’t always catch the full functionality.  I’m half way through and so glad I decided to take this course.

I probably wont blog again until after the 31st so I love that I get to say this:  See you next year!


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