There aren’t any shenanigans actually, I just like to use that word.

So, PitchMAS.  I learned about it the other day via twitter and looked into it and it seems fairly neat.  So I’m going to try to participate.  Here is my pitch for Stealing the Wolf Prince, a romantic fantasy novel:

An unwilling pawn in a plot to steal a crown, Kiera finds a dark family secret, usurpers to the throne, and a forbidden romance.

If you follow me on twitter, you will see a lot of that.

In other news, my online class is going well.  I seemed to have no problems with the first two chapters.  Ten more to go.  No change in the other items on my to do list.  The holidays are fast approaching and I don’t see myself getting to them any time soon.  Just means I already have my to do list for January!