I received my first rejection from a publisher today.  I’ve been waiting to hear back for a bit but I didn’t expect a reply for a few more weeks.

Now, you might be wondering why I am sharing the fact that I was rejected in such a public forum.  It’s simple, rejection is part of the business of getting published.  Every author has been rejected at least once in their life.  Rejection doesn’t mean that the author has no talent or that the story is awful.  It means that the publisher isn’t looking for that kind of story or that the story isn’t ready for publication yet.

I anticipate quite a few rejections in my writing career.  I’m not disheartened by my rejection today and I wont be disheartened by any rejections I receive later.  It’s how the publishing companies work.  For now.  Things are always changing and we will change with them.

Just as I learn and grow in my writing, so do the publishers.  I just need to find the right publisher for my novel.