Long Shadows Made Short–Chapter 01 Preview

Chapter 01 Preview!

Luck Hawkins

Below is a preview of the book I’m trying to self publish.  I’m taking donations through Kickstarter, with a free copy of the book at every level.  So if you like what you read share the Kickstarter, or better yet donate a dollar or two, please.


Chapter 01



 It wasn’t long until Melanie regretted going to the sandwich shop near the hospital. Its location was convenient to the ward her husband was in, but the news playing muted on the TV was upsetting the patrons. Most places had set the station to a cartoon channel to keep uneasy nerves from showing. No one was happy that America was losing the war.


 A group of young people sat around a table and a teenager with curly red hair had the angriest voice in the room. Several times, he repeated, “Those damn Indians are going to blow…

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