So Worth It

As some of you may know, I used to dabble in fan fiction.  It’s actually how I got into writing in the first place.  I even have some fan fiction out there on the old inter-web from years ago.  It is mostly gathering dust but every once in a while I get a review.  The other day, someone sent me a private message about a fiction I had started and only posted one chapter.

This is the PM, posted with permission from the sender:

Hello, my name is Sataria. I read your blog and share in your desire to become a published author. I have three books I’m working on at the same time and one is just about ready for me to find an agent. But enough of that. . .I am begging you to write more of Legacy of Darkness. I reviewed it asking for you to continue and I know you started it a very, very, long time ago. You killed me with just leaving it hanging. I just adore it and need more, anyone who reads it will also say so. I know how it is to be busy with original works, and if you can’t write more then you can’t. Just know how much the Legend fanfic readers love it and want more.

It just really grabbed my attention. You’re on my favorite stories list and I check it all the time in the faint hope that there will be more. Anyway! Thank you for the single chapter all the same. Take care. (Do you get pm’s asking
for this alot?)

Some days I wonder why I beat myself up so much to keep writing and to keep editing and then I receive a review or a comment and it’s all worth it.  I’m not here to make a fortune (although it would be nice), I’m here to tell a captivating story of love conquering all odds.  It’s encouragement like this that makes me feel like I just might be able to do it.  Thanks Sataria.  Thanks to everyone who has ever supported me.  It means the world to me.


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