So, in my previous post I spoke about SEO and some general tips on marketing for a small business.  As a writer, I am a small business.  I will have books to sell soon so I need to get my name out there and on the minds of my potential customers.  I’ve been made aware of two free tools that can further my reach and I thought that I would pass them on to you.

elleclouse_qrThe first item I want to talk about is QR Codes.  What is a QR Code?  See that weird square thing on the left?  That can be scanned by your smart phone and it will take you to my Facebook page.  You have probably seen these things all over, they are very popular.  There is one on my morning decaf latte from my favorite coffee shop.  You can program your QR Code to take the person who scanned it to any website on their smart phone.  When I first researched these, all I could find were pay services and I gave up on them.  Then someone told me about KimTag.  This free service will generate a QR Code for you and you can link it to your website, Twitter, Facebook, or a number of other social media sites some of which I haven’t even heard of.  These little codes can be put on business cards, fliers, brochures, bookmarks, in your printed author/artist bio,  and even printed on stickers and stuck around town (don’t vandalize).  Finding a QR Code is like being on a scavenger hunt that you didn’t know you were on!  Downloading an application to scan the code is free and once you have this ability, you will find yourself scanning more than you thought you would.  This is an excellent way to promote yourself.

elements_fb-e62f6991e5b1a31258b715b932708a7dThe second item I was told about is a free service called PageModo.  PageModo will help you generate an additional page tab for your Facebook that will sit right along side your ‘notes’ tab, your ‘photos’ and the like.  They only offer one page for free and have a premium service you can pay for if you want more pages but one is enough for my needs.  Once I’m ready, it will be an excellent place to market my books.  I set up a page for my husband’s business to promote his classes and after some fiddling I got it to look similar to his webpage.  See the example on the right of a page that PageModo can add to your Facebook.  They have several free templates to choose from so there is bound to be something that matches the look and feel you are going for.  This little bit of extra detail on your Facebook page will help people learn more about your business or product and maybe just set you apart from the competition.  Every little bit helps when you don’t have money to pay for promotion and you are solely responsible for said promotion.

I hope that this helps all you entrepreneurial sorts out there.  I never thought of myself as such until I started doing research into what it would actually be like to be an author.  Feel free to share these little gems of information because knowledge should be free and freely given.