Review: The Shadow Seer: Book 1 of Ellenessia’s Curse: Part 1

The Shadow Seer

The Shadow Seer: Book 1 of Ellenessia’s Curse: Part 1” is the first novel by fantasy author Fran Jacobs.  The book is a terrific introduction to her elaborate fantasy world of Carnia and a long forgotten prophesy that now affects the unlikely hero, Prince Candale.

At the beginning of the novel, Candale lies on his death bed and only the solitary and not well loved witch Mayrila can save him.  Her presence in the castle stirs up all sorts for intrigues and plots that Candale must wade through and decipher as he recovers and comes to terms with what Mayrila claims to be the truth, that he is the long prophesized Shadow Seer.

The novel is very steadily paced and lays the ground work for a longer series of novels following Candale’s adventures and he unravels the meaning behind the Rose Prophecies and what it means to be the Shadow Seer, and ultimately who or what Ellenessia is and the danger that seems imminent.

This title and “The Shadow Seer: Book 1 of Ellenessia’s Curse: Part 2” are available on Amazon.


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