Review: The Feline Queen and Other Tales

Feline QueenThe Feline Queen and Other Tales” by Joanne Hall is a collection of fantasy short stories.  They were all previously published in magazines and they are now brilliantly in one easy-to-find and read trade paperback.  This collection of twelve short stories was published in 2011 by WolfSinger Publications.

Enough with the facts, onto my opinion!

I really enjoyed reading this collection of short stories.  Each story was vastly different from each other and engrossed me in a unique and engaging fantasy world.  I particularly enjoyed Joanne’s twist of phrase on over used descriptors that she made her own.  All of the stories were well crafted with enough description to make me well aware of what was going on but not so cumbersome to bog down the story.

My favorite story in this grouping was “The Caves of Otrecht.”  I thought that the concept was very unique and it was written in quite a humorous light that I wished it were longer.  It made me giggle out loud and I’m glad that my husband wasn’t home to give me funny looks.  Yes, I know that there was a story about unicorns which are my favorite animal but I like “The Caves of Otrecht” better.

I must say, some of the stories tugged at my memory as writing challenges from a website that Joanne and I both used to frequent years ago.  If that is the case, I’m glad that the writing prompts brought a talented author to publication.

So if you want a good collection of solid fantasy short stories to read in-between books or when waiting for the doctor, I recommend picking up “The Feline Queen and Other Tales” by Joanne Hall.


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