Welcome to the Writing Journal of Elle Clouse

Welcome to my writing live journal. This is a friends-only journal and it will mostly comprise of free writes and other writing projects that will be tagged appropriately. The purpose of this is to allow me a venue to write freely with out encumbrance and to provide a platform for friends to brainstorm and critique ideas posted here to possibly edit them to a publishable form

If you would like to be able to read my writings please take the time to make a comment that you would like to be added as a friend and I will do so accordingly.

Also, by asking for a friendship, you agree that the works submitted here are mine solely and that you will not copy and/or reproduce my writing in any form anywhere else, either on the internet or on your own personal storage device (computer, disk, flash drive etc.)

All Content © 2006 Elle Clouse


Published by elleclouse

Woman, wife, mother, writer, knitter and sarcasm aficionado.

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