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First Page Feedback by Harlequin

ProofreadingHarlequin critiqued Sweet Justice!

At least, they looked at the first 500 words.  A while back I saw they were accepting for a First Page Feedback project on their blog.  So I did a whirlwind edit of Sweet Justice and sent it in.  So glad I did!

Follow the link to read the first page and their comments.  Lots of great advice that will make my opening stronger.  As the image on the left shows, I caught the typos after I hit send.  Doh!  To err is human…

Sweet Justice

Sweet JusticeExclusive Sneak Peak!

I know I promised a peak at Kiss from the Deep but a publisher I’ve been keeping an eye on has a submission call for super hero stories.  So I’m dusting off Sweet Justice for editing.

I wrote Sweet Justice for the National Novel Writing Month in 2013 and to the let you see the mock cover I made using stock images and the Amazon KDP cover creator.


Between secretly spying on her employer, heavy office flirtations with the mail clerk, and an unhealthy obsession with super hero news, Justice thought that things were finally going her way. As the ChemPharm research facility exploded and demolished months of undercover work, Justice took some comfort in the arms of Ultraman as he whisked her away from the blast.

When a drunken midnight calling card meant for Ultraman attracted Blaze instead, Justice has the chance to tell off the lab saboteur. Only instead of searing jibes and insults, sparks start to fly between Blaze and Justice and his abrupt departure leaves her confused and angry.

Will Justice be able to pick up the pieces of her destroyed project? Will Justice have to choose between the super hero and his arch nemesis? And what about the mail clerk who fills out his dress shirts just right?

Read the opening excerpt:

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Dusting off An Old Draft

First Draft Kiss from the DeeKiss from the Deep

In 2011, I won NaNoWriMo with Kiss from the Deep, an urban fantasy romance.  Like all my drafts it went into hibernation for a bit and I got it out last week.  I’ve since read the entire MS, made notes, stuck post-its, scratched my head, and formed a game plan.

My goal is to get the novel all cleaned up to find a publisher before the end of the year.  I think with my current schedule that’s something I can accomplish.  Stealing the Wolf Prince is still being edited so that will be a priority, and I do intend to attempt NaNoWriMo again this fall, but I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t aim high and torture myself.

I hope you all have a great weekend, hopefully next week and can share chapter one.

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