One Outlining Method

A friend of mine found a method for plot outlining a novel called The Snowflake Method.  You basically take one concept and expand upon it until you have a whole novel charted out.  It’s a concept that I never thought of before and I thought to myself, that’s nice but I don’t think I can useContinue reading “One Outlining Method”

So Distracted!

I received an encouraging email about my writing today and now I can’t focus on a darn thing.  Normally the weekend is when I get most of my writing and editing done but that is not the case this weekend.  All I seem to have the attention span for is  housework and other short projects.Continue reading “So Distracted!”

Weekend Update: Novel Progress

I’m happy to say that I set myself a goal of hitting 90% complete on my edit of Stealing the Wolf Prince and I made it!  I’m sitting at 90.9% complete.  I believe that my goal of having the first edit done before the 1st of November is completely possible.  I am getting into an area ofContinue reading “Weekend Update: Novel Progress”