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Check Out My New Cover

requited cover 02Requited by Elle Clouse

And, because I like you, here is the blurb:

Axel the Black is the scourge of sea and sky; a ruthless pirate famed for his loyalty to no one.  But when his secret obsession with a little known opera singer lands her in the clutches of his most hated enemy, Axel must risk everything to save her.  Even if that means losing his legendary airship…

You have two ways to win a free copy of this steampunk romantic short.  You can sign up for my Newsletter and one random person will receive a copy.  You can also sign up for my Rafflecopter and earn extra entries by tweeting daily.

Official release date is FRIDAY and the giveaways last until Friday as well.

Requited is Coming Your Way

UnrequitedHere’s your chance to win!

Requited, the companion story to my steampunk romance short Unrequited, is written, edited, has a shiny new cover and is ready to go.  Just in time for Renea Mason’s Reader Appreciation Event on Facebook.  You can enter to win a copy of Unrequited there.

You can enter to win a copy for the NEW Requited here at my Rafflecopter giveaway!  I’ll be blogging throughout the week with more information.  Contest ends Aug. 2nd.

Requited will be available for purchase Aug. 1st (assuming no calamities or unforeseen problems).  More to come!!

Progress is Never a Straight Line

Start WritingStealing the Wolf Prince: Editing Mode Activate!

So I heard from my editor and we are going to do some more content edits on Stealing the Wolf Prince.  I really like what we have done so far so I look forward to seeing how we can make it even better.

I think I will have the weekend free before I receive my edits so I have a lot planned.  I want to work on a site overhaul.  New graphics, new layout, more sparkles and fun.

I’m not going to post my book reviews here since this blog is for my own books but I’ll still write them and post to Star-Crossed Romance.  They promote sci-fi and fantasy romance.

I also have some plans for free stuff for you!  Warning: not all of it is writing.  I have other talents and you’ll get to learn all about then in the future!  They will relate to my series in a fashion but be open minded.

I hope to get some precursory edits done on Requited and I hope to release that in ebook next month.   I have a couple beta readers going over it now.  After Requited is done, I’ll slowly start to work on the next novel in the series between Stealing the Wolf Prince activities.

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