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NaNo Critique Weekend

NaNoWriMo Critique Breathless PressWriting a romance this November? Get it critiqued for FREE.

Hey folks, we are hitting mid month and I’m behind but if I can write 2k a day, I should be ok.  I took a day off from work toward the end of the month I plan to use to write like a maniac.

As you can see by the graphic, Breathless Press is having a NaNoWriMo Critique weekend.  I’ve participated in a past event with Stealing the Wolf Prince and got some helpful feedback and a fast pass.  So follow the instructions, keep writing, and have fun.  I’ll share my critique when I’ve received it.  ❤

NaNoWriMo 2014

The Rocker Next Door

Rocker Next Door-001It’s November and that means National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo.  It’s been a writing tradition for me for the past 9 years.

This year I am writing a paranormal romance called The Rocker Next Door.  To the left you will see the mock cover I made using some free stock photos and some scrap booking software.  To the right, in the side bar, you’ll see my word count.  I’m already behind!

But no worries.  Unlike past years where I stressed and freaked out about the task of hitting 50k words in 30 days, I’m really chill.  My biggest goal is to write every day and complete the story.  I have my outline and my character profiles to keep me moving forward.  I’m still waiting on edits from my publisher so if those arrive this month, that’s ok too.

Good luck to everyone that’s participating.  It’s crazy, zany, and ludicrous but tons of fun.  Remember, it’s all about getting the book written, you can edit and perfect it laters.

Can WriMo, Has November

Writing Pants CoverBe prepared for NaNoWriMo!

Part of my regular writing routine is the National Novel Writing Month.  I talk about it quite a bit.  My novel, Stealing the Wolf Prince, is a 2006 NaNoWriMo winner.  Traditionally, people start to prepare for this breakneck approach to writing a novel in October.  I’m no exception.

It took me two years to win NaNoWriMo and this article, available on Amazon starting October 1st, is the tale of how I overcame my inner editor and personal stumbling blocks to earn the title novelist.  Novel writing is not for the feint of heart.

Writing by the Seat of Your Pants was previously published in Art & Prose Ezine.

Add it to your GoodReads list here!

Writing by the Seat of Your Pants

Writing Pants CoverStealing the Wolf Prince Releases Sept 26th!

That’s right, you have to wait 7 days to 1-click my fantasy romance.  Stealing the Wolf Prince was written as part of the National Novel Writing Month and my first win in the competition.  It was such a triumph in fact that I wrote an article about it!  I was going to wait until October 1st to release this but since Stealing the Wolf Prince is coming September 26th, I thought to release them together.

Writing by the Seat of Your Pants was originally published in Art & Prose Ezine and it’s been updated, edited, and formatted for Kindle.

Sweet Justice

Sweet JusticeExclusive Sneak Peak!

I know I promised a peak at Kiss from the Deep but a publisher I’ve been keeping an eye on has a submission call for super hero stories.  So I’m dusting off Sweet Justice for editing.

I wrote Sweet Justice for the National Novel Writing Month in 2013 and to the let you see the mock cover I made using stock images and the Amazon KDP cover creator.


Between secretly spying on her employer, heavy office flirtations with the mail clerk, and an unhealthy obsession with super hero news, Justice thought that things were finally going her way. As the ChemPharm research facility exploded and demolished months of undercover work, Justice took some comfort in the arms of Ultraman as he whisked her away from the blast.

When a drunken midnight calling card meant for Ultraman attracted Blaze instead, Justice has the chance to tell off the lab saboteur. Only instead of searing jibes and insults, sparks start to fly between Blaze and Justice and his abrupt departure leaves her confused and angry.

Will Justice be able to pick up the pieces of her destroyed project? Will Justice have to choose between the super hero and his arch nemesis? And what about the mail clerk who fills out his dress shirts just right?

Read the opening excerpt:

Continue reading “Sweet Justice”

NaNoWriMo Winner Goodies

One of the things that I always enjoy browsing is the Winner Goodies offered by sponsors of the National Novel Writing Month.  Last year I took advantage of the discount on Scrivener after my win. This year I was really looking forward to the book analysis offered through The Book Genome Project.

I submitted Stealing the Wolf Prince, my 2006 winner.


My book is classified as an EDBK:

One of the most prevalent personalities, EDBKs are found mostly in fiction. They appear most often in Mystery, Thrillers, and Romance. These works place a premium on plot and character development, and engage readers with their easy use of dialog. They tend to use rich descriptive passages, and their text is welcoming and easy to consume. They strive to engage the reader early, and keep their characters active and moving.


(E)xpressive: Your book contains more dialog between two or more characters than most books. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott is an example of an Expressive writing persona.

(D)escriptive: Your book in very descriptive, more so than the average. War & Peace by Leo Tolstoy is another example of a Descriptive writing persona.

(B)reezy: Your language tends to be easier to read and more straightforward than average. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is an example of a Breezy writing persona.

(K)inetic: Your book contains more physical motion than most books. The Lost World by Michael Crichton is an example of a Kinetic writing persona.

I can get a more in depth analysis if I want to spend the money but I’m happy with my free report for now.  Back to writing for me!    I have a short story to finish.

Week Two

I’ve made it through week one and I’m right where I need to be as far on words.  Week two is where I really start to doubt myself.  At this very moment I am thinking that I might not have enough story to make it to 50k.  I’m also thinking that my premise it too weak or my characters are lame…  You name it, it’s probably rolling around in my brain.  Week two is about determination, more than any other week I think.  I have to get out of my brain as much as possible and just write.  I might see if I can find some writing sprints to participate in.  Those always help.  Remember, NaNoWriMo is meant to help you get a rough draft, not a polished prize winning novel.  🙂

Productive Weekend

As of last night, my NaNoWriMo novel hit 6k words.  I managed 2k words a day, not a bad start.  I know that there is a least one NaNoWriMo participant who has already reached 50k and that’s just nuts.  In fact, there is another challenge that I recently learned about a competition called The Five Day Novel.  Now, I like a challenge but even I am not that crazy.  I’ll stick with a 30 day novel, thank you!

Day One

Today marks the beginning of National Novel Writing Month.  Although I know some people have already been writing since midnight, their time, I am not one of those folks.  I have a day job and kids.  I’ll be writing this evening and hope to get about two thousand words.  Like most people in the beginning of this craziness, I’m going to try to write as much as possible so that when mid month hits and I get the blahs I have a cushion.  I’m also hoping my outline helps me.

Good luck to all my fellow participants!  Keep track of my progress by checking out my NaNoWriMo page or just glancing at the word widget on the right.  🙂

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