Between by AR DeClerck is #FREE 2 Days Only #PNR

Twelve years ago the angels fell to Earth in heaps of blood and broken bones. The world became a colder, darker place, but life went on. When Cassie Larke discovers a mysterious stranger adrift at sea she has a sudden, alarming idea. What if the handsome man with no memory is really a surviving angel?Continue reading “Between by AR DeClerck is #FREE 2 Days Only #PNR”

Count Down to Release!

4 Days until Stealing the Wolf Prince Releases!!! That’s right, we all have to wait 4 whole days to read Stealing the Wolf Prince, my fantasy romance novel. As I’ve mentioned, I wrote Stealing the Wolf Prince in 2006 during the National Novel Writing Month.  It was such an eye opening experience that I wroteContinue reading “Count Down to Release!”

Who Doesn’t Like #Free Stuff?

Want to win a Kindle cover? Stealing the Wolf Prince, my new fantasy romance ebook, is coming out on January 16th!  Books N Pearls is hosting my Facebook release party that Friday and I’m brainstorming ideas for giveaways.  Like most people, I’m multifaceted.  On top of writing fiction, I knit and crochet, and hand stamp cards andContinue reading “Who Doesn’t Like #Free Stuff?”

Requited Goes Live Tomorrow!

Add to Goodreads today! Requited is listed on Goodreads so you can add it to your “To Read” list and I highly recommend that you do!  The ebook short will be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and LeanPub for purchase. Still holding out to win a copy?  You can sign up for my NewsletterContinue reading “Requited Goes Live Tomorrow!”

Win Requited by Elle Clouse

Sign Up for my Newsletter for a chance to win! Not only can you win a copy of Requited by joining my  Rafflecopter giveaway here, but if you sign up for my Newsletter, you get another chance!  If you are already signed up you are automatically entered. Tomorrow I will release the blurb or the cover, maybeContinue reading “Win Requited by Elle Clouse”