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Stealing the Wolf Prince is One Year Old!

To celebrate the one year anniversary of Stealing the Wolf Prince, my publisher and I have coordinated a sale across all platforms.

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Happy New Year!

It wouldn’t be January 1st without talking about 2016 resolutions.  Well, more like goals.  I’ve always been a goal oriented person so lets see what I plan to do this coming year.

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#FREE Valentine’s Day Heat Anthologies I – IV

I know, it’s not valentine’s day but my publisher is offering up this weekend freebie.  Think of it as an early Sweetest Day gift!

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Hello Summer! #AReBlast

As part of All Romance eBooks summer blast, all Etopia Press titles are 25% off today!  That means, you can get Stealing the Wolf Prince at $4.49 and save $1.50!  The sale is today only so hop on over and grab this deal!

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Meet the Wolfkin

Werewolf or Wolfkin?

I think most people are familiar with werewolves.  You know, the man or woman who turns into a wolf during the full moon.  They often have a pack, most often with an alpha.  Good stuff.  But I don’t write that. Continue reading “Meet the Wolfkin”

The Pitch for Stealing the Wolf Prince

typewriterThe Pitch for Stealing the Wolf Prince

The path to publication hasn’t been linear and involved some creativity.  Just before Christmas, I participated in Pitchmas on twitter.  This is the tweeted pitch that caught the attention of Etopia Press.

An unwilling pawn in a plot to steal a crown, Kiera finds a dark family secret, usurpers to the throne, and a forbidden romance.

Who’d have thought that one well crafted sentence could be a game changer?

Only 5 days left to enter for a chance to win one of three fabulous prizes.  Follow the link!

Rafflecopter Giveaway this way!

Stealing The Wolf Prince Is Being Published, Let’s Celebrate With A Give Away!


Stealing The Wolf Prince Is Being Published, Let’s Celebrate With A Give Away!

I’ve signed a publishing agreement with Etopia Press!  Stealing the Wolf Prince will be available in ebook in under one year.  I’m super excited to start the editing process and get this project published.

Stealing the Wolf Prince was originally written in 2006 as my first NaNoWriMo win.  Last year, I decided it had collected enough dust and I edit the manuscript and started sending it out.

Every step of this journey has been a tremendous learning experience and I know I am not done yet.  I’ll keep you all aware of my progress.  Lots of fun things coming in the next year.

To celebrate, I decided to do another giveaway!  Follow the link to a Rafflecopter giveaway for a chance to win an ebook copy of Unrequited, a corner bookmark, or a crocheted coffee cozy.  All hand crafted by me in some fashion.

Rafflecopter Giveaway this way!

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