Stealing the Wolf Prince Release

My award winning debut has run it’s course with my publisher and we’ve parted ways.  As a result, the Stealing the Wolf Prince ebook was removed from all retailers over the weekend.  Since I’ve got my ebook rights back now, I’ve self published it with my own cover and updated back matter.  Haven’t picked upContinue reading “Stealing the Wolf Prince Release”

Stealing the Wolf Prince is One Year Old!

To celebrate the one year anniversary of Stealing the Wolf Prince, my publisher and I have coordinated a sale across all platforms. Amazon US: Amazon UK: Amazon CA: Amazon AU: B & N: Google Play: iBooks:

Stealing the Wolf Prince Available NOW!

One-Click this Fantasy Romance! Stealing the Wolf Prince is live on all platforms!  Woo hoo!  Now you can read the 65k plus word novel I’ve been working on for YEARS.  Whew!  And you know what?  I’m already thinking about books 2 and 3!  A writers work is never done!  🙂  But I love it, andContinue reading “Stealing the Wolf Prince Available NOW!”

Pre Order Stealing the Wolf Prince

3 days until release! And you can pre-order Stealing the Wolf Prince on Amazon! Blurb: What harm could come from impersonating royalty? After years on the road conning wealthy nobles out of their gold, Kiera is ready to give up her life of crime and return to her childhood home of Cearbhall. She’s got oneContinue reading “Pre Order Stealing the Wolf Prince”

Count Down to Release!

4 Days until Stealing the Wolf Prince Releases!!! That’s right, we all have to wait 4 whole days to read Stealing the Wolf Prince, my fantasy romance novel. As I’ve mentioned, I wrote Stealing the Wolf Prince in 2006 during the National Novel Writing Month.  It was such an eye opening experience that I wroteContinue reading “Count Down to Release!”

Who Doesn’t Like #Free Stuff?

Want to win a Kindle cover? Stealing the Wolf Prince, my new fantasy romance ebook, is coming out on January 16th!  Books N Pearls is hosting my Facebook release party that Friday and I’m brainstorming ideas for giveaways.  Like most people, I’m multifaceted.  On top of writing fiction, I knit and crochet, and hand stamp cards andContinue reading “Who Doesn’t Like #Free Stuff?”

Happy Halloween!

Read my FREE Halloween Fic! I’ve uploaded my new Halloween fiction, “Reanimate My Love” to my Dash of Romance anthology.  The anthology is FREE.  Don’t be intimidated by the ‘you pay’ slider, just zip that sucker down to zero and click “Get Your Free Book!”   You have the option to pay what you likeContinue reading “Happy Halloween!”

Avast! Pirate Sites

Some thoughts on pirate sites I’ve been seeing a rash of pirate website selling deeply discounted or even free ebooks.  I am not going to rant about how unethical these sites are or that you are stealing from the author.  There are a million posts like that. I’m going to offer another perspective.  As aContinue reading “Avast! Pirate Sites”