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What is the Cost of a Kiss?

I’ve got a new release!  Well, it’s actually been out for a bit but I kinda, sorta, forgot to mention it on my blog.  I’M SORRY.  I’ve been a bit busy but here it is!

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Pre-Order Exploits & Escapades @ $.99!

By friend and fellow author AR DeClerck is releasing a special anthology of her work!  DeClerck writes what she calls adventure romance which spans sci-fi, steampunk, and fantasy.  I will also be in an anthology with Ms. DeClerck later this year.  Be sure to check her out and take advantage of the special pre-order price.  3.5 novels for $.99?

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Happy New Year!

It wouldn’t be January 1st without talking about 2016 resolutions.  Well, more like goals.  I’ve always been a goal oriented person so lets see what I plan to do this coming year.

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Review: Tales from the SFR Brigade

SFR Brigade

Tales from the SFR Brigade

Experience love and adventure among the stars in ‘Tales from the SFR Brigade,’ a digital anthology of eight Science Fiction Romance stories. 

• A space captain discovers the cyborg she loves just might be her greatest enemy. 
• A mind-wiped prostitute risks all when she recruits a dangerous stranger to help her escape a terrible fate. 
• A prisoner-of-war confronts the comrade who loved her, then left her for dead. 
• A space-obsessed physics teacher is kidnapped by a far-too-charming alien. 
• An apocalypse survivor battles the biomech-enhanced hunter who seeks to capture her. 
• A young artist must choose between her comfortable life on Earth or a war-torn space colony with her beloved. 
• A daring thief is on the run from the alien law man who is determined to bring her to justice. 
• A widowed rebel leader tries to save the last remnants of humanity, one stranger at a time. 

From Earth to the furthest reaches of the galaxy, explore the worlds of Science Fiction Romance with stories from Linnea Sinclair, Marcella Burnard, Erica Hayes, Liana Brooks, Pippa Jay, Berinn Rae, Amy Laurens, and Kyndra Hatch.

This ebook freebie is a wonderful collection of science fiction romance short stories.  If you’ve never read a sci-fi romance and was curious about the genre, pick up this anthology.  Although a few of the stories felt that they lacked a real conflict and resolution, most of these stories were wonderful.  There is a wide variety of sci-fi subgenres in here including some steampunk.

For more free and really cheap sci-fi romance ebooks, pop over to the Galaxy Express and get clicking!

Review: Dead and Loving It

dead and loving itSo I needed a quick mental cleanse after I banged out a whole novel in a month so I selected “Dead and Loving It” by Mary Janice Davidson. I actually bought this book a while ago and it’s been collecting dust for a while.

The book is four separate stories about unusual couples getting together a la romance novel style.  The first three, although separate, are barely related because the character from each either know each other or know of each other.  The fourth is from Mary Janice’s Betsy the Vampire Queen series, which I really enjoyed.  (I have not read all the books that are out though, there are at least eleven!)

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