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Stealing the Wolf Prince is One Year Old!

To celebrate the one year anniversary of Stealing the Wolf Prince, my publisher and I have coordinated a sale across all platforms.

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Happy New Year!

It wouldn’t be January 1st without talking about 2016 resolutions.  Well, more like goals.  I’ve always been a goal oriented person so lets see what I plan to do this coming year.

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Winter Wylderlands Greetings

What ever holiday you celebrate this time of year, its always nice to receive a thoughtful gift.  So I come with a new flash fiction featuring Kiera and Lachlan from Stealing the Wolf Prince.  Find out how they first met as children.  If you prefer to read it in Ebook format, pick it up for free here:

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Meet the Wolfkin

Werewolf or Wolfkin?

I think most people are familiar with werewolves.  You know, the man or woman who turns into a wolf during the full moon.  They often have a pack, most often with an alpha.  Good stuff.  But I don’t write that. Continue reading “Meet the Wolfkin”

Progress & Some Whining

Just being honest.

Deceiving the Bandit Lord is in editing!

That’s the progress portion of this post.  To the left is the mock cover I used in 2012 when I wrote the book in the NaNoWriMo.  I’ve read through my draft in hard copy, made notes, I have a plan of attack.  So I’ll be diving into content edits soonish.  Etopia Press would like to see the first 50 pages as soon as I can swing it.  I’d really like to get this whipped together for a summer release.

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Valentine’s Day Sale

50% off Stealing the Wolf Prince at All Romance eBooks

That’s right, you can purchase Stealing the Wolf Prince for $3.00 at All Romance eBooks but for today only!  Hurry and grab your copy before the sale ends.

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New Book Trailer for Stealing the Wolf Prince

Stealing the Wolf Prince Trailer

A very dear friend of mine helped me with my book trailer and I’m so happy to share it with you.  What do you think?  Leave a comment, give a like or thumbs up.  Love you guys!

❤ ❤ ❤

Did you like Stealing the Wolf Prince?

IMG_0396Stealing the Wolf Prince is a week old!

If you read as fast as I do, that means you might have finished it.  What do you think?  Most people tell me it reads like a new fairy tale, which I love.

I’m already thinking about book 2 which is already written.  I’m waiting for some feed back from Etopia Press about the direction of the series then I can dive in and edit Deceiving the Bandit Lord: Brogan’s story.

Who know, I might write book 3 this November!  ❤

Stealing the Wolf Prince Available NOW!

Stealing the Wolf PrinceOne-Click this Fantasy Romance!

Stealing the Wolf Prince is live on all platforms!  Woo hoo!  Now you can read the 65k plus word novel I’ve been working on for YEARS.  Whew!  And you know what?  I’m already thinking about books 2 and 3!  A writers work is never done!  🙂  But I love it, and I hope you will too!

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Etopia Press & All Romance eBooks.  Watch for book two by signing up for my Newsletter!

Blurb:  What harm could come from impersonating royalty?

After years on the road conning wealthy nobles out of their gold, Kiera is ready to give up her life of crime and return to her childhood home of Cearbhall. She’s got one last job in mind, one that will see her set for life. What harm could come from impersonating a country princess to marry a prince and live wealthily ever after? Except her childhood home is nothing like she remembered. The king has gone senile, his younger sons rule with terror, and the crown prince is missing. The prince she’s to wed is only interested in siring an heir, and her future brother-in-law wants to get into her skirts. Deciding the grifter’s life wasn’t so bad after all, Kiera plots her escape. Before she can steal away, she’s discovered and thrown into the dungeon with a crazed wolfborn to die.

Lachlan never thought that he’d see his childhood sweetheart once his wolfborn affliction set in. Nor did he expect to ever see daylight. Imprisoned in the dungeon since adolescence, his brothers have usurped the throne and trail evil in their wake. When Kiera lands in the dungeon with him, he recovers his will to put things right. Kiera may not remember him, but he remembers her, and Lachlan vows to save her from his brothers and their schemes.

Except Kiera wields a power unlike any other, and she doesn’t need saving. But the people of Cearbhall do. As Kiera and Lachlan fight the evil princes, they uncover a greater magic in the world around them, and a powerful magic between them that can’t be denied…

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