Free Ebook for a Limited Time!

Impostors’ Kiss by Renea Mason Free for a limited time!  Oct 10 through Oct 15!  Pick up this intro the Renea Mason’s Award Winning series Symphony of Light.  This is a high heat series, might scorch your eye balls, but very good!  Grab your free copy while you can! ~~~~ Symphony of Light Book 0.5Continue reading “Free Ebook for a Limited Time!”

Check Out My New Cover

Requited by Elle Clouse And, because I like you, here is the blurb: Axel the Black is the scourge of sea and sky; a ruthless pirate famed for his loyalty to no one.  But when his secret obsession with a little known opera singer lands her in the clutches of his most hated enemy, AxelContinue reading “Check Out My New Cover”

PitchMAS & Other Shenanigans

There aren’t any shenanigans actually, I just like to use that word. So, PitchMAS.  I learned about it the other day via twitter and looked into it and it seems fairly neat.  So I’m going to try to participate.  Here is my pitch for Stealing the Wolf Prince, a romantic fantasy novel: An unwilling pawnContinue reading “PitchMAS & Other Shenanigans”

Review: Desert Dreams

Desert Dreams by Sophia Jones Originally featured in the anthology Fantasies of a Housewife edited by Tina Pollick, “Desert Dreams” is a contemporary romantic short story. Shaylene Thomas is a busy working mom. Raising her two girls on her own in rural Arizona’s high desert country, each day is an adventure filled with both beautyContinue reading “Review: Desert Dreams”

Review: The Phantom and the Psychic

The Phantom and the Psychic: A Paranormal Erotic Tale by Sophia Jones A paranormal erotic short story, psychic Alyssa DeAngelo travels to a castle-turned-resort in the Italian countryside to assist its owner with his ghostly problem. There, she encounters Dominicus Romano, a tormented soul who has dwelt within the castle walls for six centuries. CanContinue reading “Review: The Phantom and the Psychic”

Review: The Pharaoh and the Curator

The Pharaoh and the Curator: A Paranormal Erotic Tale By Sophia Jones I think that I managed to nab this one while it was free but the $.99 price tag now is still a great bargain.  As the title and the cover implies, this is an erotic tale set in Egypt with an ‘unlucky inContinue reading “Review: The Pharaoh and the Curator”

Review: Imposters’ Kiss

Imposters’ Kiss by Renea Mason Symphony of Light Book 0.5 An unexpected offer of a night with the innkeepers daughter turns into a lesson in love Cyril will never forget. This short story is the perfect introduction to Renea Mason’s Symphony of Light series.  You can read this on it’s own or as a companion toContinue reading “Review: Imposters’ Kiss”