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Review: The Phantom and the Psychic

PhantomThe Phantom and the Psychic: A Paranormal Erotic Tale by Sophia Jones

A paranormal erotic short story, psychic Alyssa DeAngelo travels to a castle-turned-resort in the Italian countryside to assist its owner with his ghostly problem. There, she encounters Dominicus Romano, a tormented soul who has dwelt within the castle walls for six centuries. Can she help him find peace? 

I really enjoyed this short and steamy story.  The pacing was just right, there was just enough mystery to keep me guessing, and I was very happy at the end.  For $.99 you really can’t go wrong with this paranormal short story.

Review: The Pharaoh and the Curator

pharoahThe Pharaoh and the Curator: A Paranormal Erotic Tale By Sophia Jones

I think that I managed to nab this one while it was free but the $.99 price tag now is still a great bargain.  As the title and the cover implies, this is an erotic tale set in Egypt with an ‘unlucky in love museum curator Michelle Beaumont finds herself in Egypt where she contributes to god Amon Ra’s resurrection.’  You don’t need to imagine what happens next if you buy your own copy.

I thought that this was an easy and steamy read with some adventure thrown in.  I love Egyptian mythology and this really resonated with me.  My only complaint is that I felt it could have been longer.  But can’t that be said about any good story?

Review: Imposters’ Kiss

impostors kiss

Imposters’ Kiss by Renea Mason
Symphony of Light Book 0.5

An unexpected offer of a night with the innkeepers daughter turns into a lesson in love Cyril will never forget.

This short story is the perfect introduction to Renea Mason’s Symphony of Light series.  You can read this on it’s own or as a companion to Symphony of Light and Winter, the first in the series.  It is steamy and thoughtful all in a quick and fun read.  I dare you to read this one and not pick up Symphony of Light and Winter.  I know I’m looking forward to book two and beyond.

Review: Symphony of Light and Winter


Symphony of Light and Winter by Renea Mason.

Erotic Romance Novel

I had the honor of reading this book before it was published and I knew that it would see print by chapter one alone.  I was attracted to this book because of it’s title since I am a reformed band geek and the subject matter did not disappoint.  This is listed as an erotic romance novel for a reason, the heat gets cranked up fast.

Linden hadn’t seen Cyril in ten years but when he walks back into her life again under the guise of a potential patron for the symphony, sparks begin to fly.  The hitch is that Linden thought Cyril was dead and he has no memory of what happened and thinks she stole something very valuable.  

I’m pretty good at guessing the ending or guessing the next plot twist and every time I thought I had things nailed down, I was proven wrong.  This whole novel kept me guessing form beginning to end.  That’s a rare thing indeed.

I highly recommend you buy a copy of this book if you like paranormal romance.  You will not be sorry.  If you don’t believe me, just check out the star rating on Amazon.  I am not alone in my opinion!

Review: The Shadow Seer: Book 1 of Ellenessia’s Curse: Part 1

The Shadow Seer

The Shadow Seer: Book 1 of Ellenessia’s Curse: Part 1” is the first novel by fantasy author Fran Jacobs.  The book is a terrific introduction to her elaborate fantasy world of Carnia and a long forgotten prophesy that now affects the unlikely hero, Prince Candale.

At the beginning of the novel, Candale lies on his death bed and only the solitary and not well loved witch Mayrila can save him.  Her presence in the castle stirs up all sorts for intrigues and plots that Candale must wade through and decipher as he recovers and comes to terms with what Mayrila claims to be the truth, that he is the long prophesized Shadow Seer.

The novel is very steadily paced and lays the ground work for a longer series of novels following Candale’s adventures and he unravels the meaning behind the Rose Prophecies and what it means to be the Shadow Seer, and ultimately who or what Ellenessia is and the danger that seems imminent.

This title and “The Shadow Seer: Book 1 of Ellenessia’s Curse: Part 2” are available on Amazon.

Review: Dead and Loving It

dead and loving itSo I needed a quick mental cleanse after I banged out a whole novel in a month so I selected “Dead and Loving It” by Mary Janice Davidson. I actually bought this book a while ago and it’s been collecting dust for a while.

The book is four separate stories about unusual couples getting together a la romance novel style.  The first three, although separate, are barely related because the character from each either know each other or know of each other.  The fourth is from Mary Janice’s Betsy the Vampire Queen series, which I really enjoyed.  (I have not read all the books that are out though, there are at least eleven!)

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Review: The Feline Queen and Other Tales

Feline QueenThe Feline Queen and Other Tales” by Joanne Hall is a collection of fantasy short stories.  They were all previously published in magazines and they are now brilliantly in one easy-to-find and read trade paperback.  This collection of twelve short stories was published in 2011 by WolfSinger Publications.

Enough with the facts, onto my opinion!

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Review: Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty ShadeA co-worker of mine lent me her copy of Fifty Shades of Grey.  I have to admit that I was intrigued about this book considering its origins as Twilight fan fiction and that it was getting so much hype as a bestselling novel.  I’m so glad that I didn’t spend money on this book. Continue reading “Review: Fifty Shades of Grey”

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