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I’ve purposely avoided Pinterest since all I heard about it was how it sucked hours of people’s lived away.  By that description, it’s a very scary thing and I didn’t need to risk my time.  A good friend of mine, Renea Mason, who has a very smexy new book out right now that I highly recommend, pointed out that one might be able to use Pinterest as an inspiration board.  

So I’ve done just that, I’ve created boards for every story I plan to write.  Some are finished and seeking publication, some are nothing more than a vague idea I dreamed up.  (Literally.)  Feel free to check out my boards, 😉  I don’t have boards for every idea , just the ones that I found images for.  The boards will expand as I find more appropriate pictures.  

I hope I don’t get sucked into some time vacuum and wake up decades later…

long shadow made short-kickstarter funding

Help my friend kickstart her dream! Check out her kickstarter campaign. I got to read the beginning and I think that any sci-fi fan will love this book!

Dealing with Professionals

So after a very rude and unprofessional exchange with an artist whom I approached about some cover art, I decided to dig out my old sketchbook and pencils and create my own covers.  Now, I haven’t sketched in years since my focus has been writing, so my friend Sara L. Miller has graciously offered to be my design guru.  She will manage to take my stick figures, use her magic wand, and produce a professional and beautiful cover for all to see.  No more unprofessional and rude artists, more creative control.  I see this as a big win.  Now to get to the sketching part…

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